Have you ever wondered about the future of virtual event spaces?

In this article were going to break down the upcoming of all things VR events.

Decentraland has the insights to change the events world in an extreme way. Leading you to an immersive environment that utilises new technologies to create a virtual world for users to interact with one another. Decentraland is a decentralized  blockchain virtual world where users can connect with other VR enthusiasts, build their own land and sceneries, explore their fellow players world and trade land, buildings, virtual possessions including NFT’s to earn income. They more recently launched their first live music festival with multiple artists, called To The Moon. A huge number of attendees scaling over 700 users has truly shown the potential this daily evolving technology may have for the future of all things events.

Within the last year the fashion industry has well and truly used the metaverse to their advantage and embraced all the benefits that come with it. Some examples of brands that are diving into the VR world, Vans, Nike, Ralph Lauren, Balenciaga and Gucci. In March of 2022 Decentraland held their very first, four-day digital fashion week including virtual fashion shows, stores and events. High end and household retailers are diving into the huge monetization of making skins for avatars. Each user has the ability to create their own avatar within the programme and fashion retailers are making the most of translating fashion from the everyday world into the virtual reality world. Would you purchase VR fashion? 

Of course there are other events taking place within the metaverse such as Sports, Art exhibitions and many, many more. But today we’re looking at how the process of virtual events will be different for attendees as well as the organisers. As far as attendees goes the metaverse opens and huge window for people to become apart of events they wouldn’t have access to within the everyday world, it factors in distance, cost and also a place of confidence and connections with other users, with the same interests and hobbies. A place for people to make connections with artist’s as well as other users on a level that isn’t available in the everyday world. Creating diversity and inclusion that cannot be overlooked. How will event organisers benefit from the opportunities that decentraland will bring? Building the event within the metaverse allows the organisers to increase immersion, improve accessibility, design the perfect event venue for each occasion. Of course this comes with many other benefits too for the organisers themselves. But this is just a small example of how events within the metaverse could become our new reality.


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