What is Decentraland?

In the years to come, when people talk about the first ‘real’ metaverse, Decentraland will likely be a major part of the conversion. But what is it?

Decentraland Genesis Plaza

While there are many other projects before hand, and the very definition of what constitutes the metaverse brings a debate to question, Decentraland will like be considered the granddaddy of the decentralised virtual world, and to many, the first part of the metaverse.

But what does this mean? What does it do? How does someone use it?

Well… it’s basically like a computer game, and you can access it as simply as hitting this Link. That link is a ‘jump in’ link to District 3’s Decentraland location, and definitely beats reading an article in terms of exploring and learning how the metaverse works.

Decentraland Soho Plaza

This world is run via something called a DAO, a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation, which like the voting mechanism for changes and updates in the world. For example, there are only 90,000 parcels of land on Decentraland, and if the want to increase or decrease in size, it has to be voted for by the users. Users vote based on their investment and ownership of the platform, because it holds its own ‘coin’ or ‘token’ called Mana, and has an entire economy all of it’s own.

If you have any questions about this, it’s likely that others do too, comment below and our active community will help answer as best we can.

Decentraland Soho Plaza


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